Impact of Community Treatment With Ivermectin for the Control of Scabies on the Prevalence of Antibodies to Strongyloides stercoralis in Children.

Marks M, Gwyn S, Toloka H, Kositz C, Asugeni J, Asugeni R, Diau J, Kaldor JM, Romani L, Redman-MacLaren M, MacLaren D, Solomon AW, Mabey DCW, Steer AC, Martin D


The prevalence of antibodies to Strongyloides stercoralis was measured in 0-12-year-olds using a bead-based immunoassay before and after ivermectin mass drug administration (MDA) for scabies in the Solomon Islands. Seroprevalence was 9.3% before and 5.1% after MDA (P = .019), demonstrating collateral benefits of ivermectin MDA in this setting.