Toward a scabies control strategy for northern Australia: Methods to map the burden of scabies and evaluation of a community-wide preventative chemotherapy strategy in two Indigenous communities

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Main Investigator/Other Investigators Michelle Dowden, Victoria Cox, Dr Daniel Engelman Joshua Francis
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Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Associate Professor Asha BowenProfessor Andrew Steer Scientia Professor John KaldorDr Lucia RomaniDr Trish CampbellProfessor Jodie McVernonProfessor Adrian Miller, Geoffrey Angeles , Megan Scolyer , Hannah Woerle, Irene O’Meara, Molly Shorthouse , Rrapa Dhurrkay , Wanamula Gondarra , Jessica Gatti , Keith Forrest , Bart Currie, Dev Tilakaratne , Dana Slape
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved MCRI, One Disease
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