The effectiveness, feasibility and economic evaluation of canine deworming programs in reducing the prevalence and intensities of zoonotic hookworm and Strongyloides infections in Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia

This project aims to ascertain the epidemiology and population genetics of zoonotic soil-transmitted helminth infections in dogs (and where possible humans), in Torres Strait Islander communities and to establish the necessity, feasibility, cost effectiveness and impact of a One Health approach for their control.

Countries  Remote Australian Communities
Diseases STH
Drugs -
Research Discipline Health Economic Analyses
Main Investigator/Other Investigators Professor Rebecca Traub, Cam Raw
Contact Person Professor Rebecca Traub, Cam Raw
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Professor Virginia Wiseman, Anke Wiethelter, Bonny Cummings
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC)
Elanco Animal Health
Melbourne Veterinary School
Approximate project duration 2019-2022