Prevalence and zoonotic source of infections with Trichostrongylus spp. in people from Vietnam

This project will determine the species of Trichostrongylus infecting people in Vietnam and provide an indication of zoonotic infection source(s) (goats, cattle and sheep each harbor different species of Trichostrongylus). Develop and validate a high-throughput diagnostic that can be integrated with the current multiplex STH qPCR assays to detect this common zoonoses in endemic communities in the Asia Pacific.

Countries  South – East Asian Countries
Diseases STH
Drugs -
Research Discipline Population Health Interventions

Main Investigator/Other Investigators
Professor Rebecca TraubDr Vito Colella
Contact Person Professor Rebecca TraubDr Vito Colella
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Associate Professor Susana Vaz NeryDr Clare DyerDr Dinh Ng-Nguyen
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved Tay Nguyen University, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam
Approximate project duration 2021-2022