Next-generation population genetics to inform the transmission of zoonotic canine soil transmitted helminths in the Asia Pacific

This project aims to ascertain the population genetics of Strongyloides stercoralis and Ancylostoma ceylanicum infecting humans and community dogs living in villages in Cambodia and the Solomon Islands. The findings will inform mathematical models of disease transmission.

Countries  Pacific Island Countries,
South – East Asian Countries
Diseases STH
Drugs -
Research Discipline Mathematical Modelling
Main Investigator/Other Investigators Professor Rebecca TraubPatsy Zendejas-Heredia
Contact Person Professor Rebecca TraubPatsy Zendejas-Heredia
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Associate Professor Susana Vaz Nery Associate Professor David MacLaren Scientia Professor John KaldorProfessor Jodie McVernonDr Trish Campbell, Virak Khieu, Warwick Grant, Shannen Hedtke
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved Ministry of Health Cambodia
LaTrobe University
Approximate project duration 2019-2022