Mapping human and animal populations, distributions and interactions in a remote under-served location in Solomon Islands

Many people who live a traditional subsistence life on their tribal lands in the central interior of the island of Malaita in Solomon Islands do not receive health programs delivered by the Solomon Islands Health System. The national census severely underestimates the population because census officials simply do not travel to these remote mountain villages. This project works with a local non-government organisation, the Baru Conservation Alliance that is a coalition of local tribal leaders, to map the location of remote villages and document the human and animal populations. This will inform a partnership to then investigate the type and distribution of NTDs including STH, yaws and scabies and how to treat and prevent these NTDs at the village level.

Countries  Pacific Island Countries
Diseases STHYawsScabies
Drugs -
Research Discipline Epidemiologic Mapping
Main Investigator/Other Investigators Associate Professor David
Contact Person Associate Professor David MacLaren Tommy Esau
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Professor Rebecca Traub Associate Professor Susana Vaz NeryProfessor Andrew Steer, Richard Bradbury,  Tommy Esau Jason Diau
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved James Cook University
Baru Conservation Alliance
Approximate project duration Start: January 2021 Finish: June 2022