ICEMR – International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research

The ICEMRS are a global network of independent research centers in malaria-endemic settings, established by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. They aim to provide the knowledge, tools, and evidence-based strategies crucial to understanding, controlling and, ultimately, preventing malaria.

Countries  Pacific Island Countries,
South – East Asian Countries
Diseases Malaria
Drugs -
Research Discipline Population Health Interventions
Main Investigator/Other Investigators Professor Leanne RobinsonDr Fiona AngrisanoDr Shazia Ruybal Rachael Farquhar Desmond GulProfessor William Pomat, Moses Laman
Contact Person Professor Leanne Robinson
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators -
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved Burnet Institute
Institute Pasteur
Institute Pasteur Cambodia
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Deakin University
Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research
Approximate project duration 2017-2024