Assessing the effectiveness of a One Health approach for the control of human strongyloidiasis and ancylostomiasis in Cambodia

This pilot intervention trial evaluates the effectiveness of biannual mass-deworming of free-roaming community dogs on the prevalence of zoonotic hookworm and Strongyloides spp. infections in canines and school-aged children in Cambodia, with the potential to be extended to other regions of the Asia Pacific. Results of this study will be fundamental to inform the impact of One Health intervention strategies on zoonotic soil transmitted helminth infections. Together with population genetic studies, the project will also inform a mathematical transmission model to infer transmission of these zoonotic soil-transmitted helminths. Health economic analysis will be developed on the basis on this proof of concept One Health intervention study.

Countries  South – East Asian Countries
Diseases STH
Drugs -
Research Discipline Population Health Interventions
Mathematical Modelling
Health Economic Analyses

Main Investigator/Other Investigators
Dr Vito Colella
Contact Person Dr Vito Colella
Associate Investigators/Other Collaborators Professor Jodie McVernonDr Trish CampbellDr Caroline WattsProfessor Virginia Wiseman, Virak Khieu, Martin Walker
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Partner Organisations or Research Institutions involved Ministry of Health Cambodia
Royal Veterinary Collage, University of London
Approximate project duration 2020-2022