Asha Bowen

Associate Professor Asha Bowen

Program Head, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

Associate Professor Asha Bowen is clinician-researcher, co-located at Telethon Kids Institute as Head of Skin Health in the Wesfarmers Centre for Vaccines and Infectious Diseases, Program Head of the Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Program, and a member of the Institute Leadership and Institute Science Teams. Asha is Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Perth Children’s Hospital  as a Paediatric Infectious Diseases specialist.  Asha's research focusses on reducing the burden of infectious diseases in Australia’s Aboriginal children. Her studies range from bush (the Kimberley) to bench (Telethon Kids Institute laboratories) to bedside (Perth Children's Hospital wards where she works clinically to care for children from across the state with severe infections). Asha is passionate about improving skin health, reducing the burden of neglected tropical diseases and seeing these strategies effectively reducing the burden of rheumatic fever in Australia and beyond. 

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